Tuesday, 20 November 2007

If I were Vincent Cable, I'd say something like this

HMRC has today displayed exactly why entrusting this government with an identity card database would be a terrible idea. Can Mr. Darling categorically state that such a cock-up could never happen with the National Identity Register? He cannot.

And yet, he will blab that this latest incident is not his fault. Well, he's right. It's not. He can't have been in the Treasury long enough to set the policy and the senior staff that presided over this incredible blunder.

That honour lies with Gordon Brown. Another nail in the coffin for his alleged brilliance. Since his time in office begun, Mr. Brown and his government have displayed gross incompetence, appalling judgement and disgusting atavism across a whole spectrum of issues.

Simply, LABOUR ISN'T WORKING. Mr. Brown bottled an election because he was afraid to lose it. Now it's clear why. Mr. Speaker, we will put forward a motion of no confidence in this farcical administration at the earliest opportunity, and put an end to a decade of incompetence, waste and corruption.

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