Tuesday, 15 January 2008


Blogging in support of Justin, here.

Ideology aside, if most people want to have their organs donated after they die, then we should have an opt-out system out of simplicity. Even with some very strong protections (ie. all it takes is a word from next-of-kin to prevent donation) the number of donations would increase substantially.

And if you opt out of allowing your organs to be donated, I think that it's only fair that you opt out of receiving organ donations from others.

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Tristan said...

No, because the assumption of ownership is taken by the state.

In the case of no opinion being expressed then the decision should go to the next of kin, it should not ever be assumed by the state or any other authority.

As for people who don't want their organs donated - I suspect that their reasons would also rule out receiving donations anyway.

Of course, the natural solution would be to allow a market in organs (the only country without kidney shortages is Iran - they have a market in them). That is unacceptable for some reason (yet state ownership is acceptable - what a strange world we live in...)