Monday, 12 October 2009

I've started watching Bones* recently, which is quite good fun (give it a few episodes). In one episode, Bones's publishers give her a Mercedes SLK as a present, to which I thought "she must be doing them really very well to earn a $100,000 car".

Lo and behold, though, you can get an SLK with a not-unreasonable number of miles on Autotrader for £12000 or less - I was seriously considering if I sell my current car (a lovely little 206CC, thanks) and get another good contract before Christmas, that I could get one, at a bit of a stretch.

Then I saw that Gordon Brown is being forced to repay more than £12000 in expenses. So it appears he's fiddled the public out of more than the price of a (2nd-hand!) luxury sportscar!

I can't really quite justify it... can I...?

(* affiliate link - season 1)

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